LED & Smart bulbs

Rs.99 to 5800

LED & Smart Bulb Price and Specification Comparison for Smart Buyers

LED bulbs are perceived as better alternatives than their traditional counterparts for a host of reasons. From the perspective of features, the LED bulbs outsmart the traditional pieces. For example, the LED bulbs consume less power and emit more light. Moreover, they last longer as compared to the normal types. That is why, they are now replacing the low-cost lights despite being expensive. The ecommerce sites have a huge selection of different LED lights and smart bulbs from many well-known brands. However, you must not believe what others say. Instead, you should check the collection yourself before price and specification comparison for a perfect purchase.

LED Lights

LED bulbs are slim and lightweight. They come in an array of interesting shapes and sizes. These bulbs are costly but considering the advantages of installing the LED lights, you will most likely discard the idea of going with the normal varieties. If you buy a set of LED lights for your home, it will set you back by a tidy figure. However, the one-time investment will pay you dividends for a long time via low power consumption that will, in turn, get reflected on your monthly power bill. Assess your needs for every room and choose the right piece.

Smart Bulbs

These bulbs are exactly what the name suggests. They integrate more functional features than the ordinary LED bulbs. Smart bulbs are unlike any ordinary or LED bulb that you install in the socket and switch on. The smart bulbs are wireless type. Wires clutter space. Even if you are using concealed wiring, you are likely to prefer wireless alternatives. Smart bulbs are ideal for several purposes. They are more expensive than the ordinary LED bulbs but have more features to enjoy. If it comes to look, some smart lights are more like their LED counterparts whereas others are differently designed.

Some smart bulbs will keep you relaxed as they can play music. Unbelievable it may sound but it is a reality. The built-in speakers in these lights make that happen to the users. You can control them from anywhere in your room. You don’t need to reach out to the plug to switch it on or off. Furthermore, they can change colours. A smart light feels more soothing and helps you enjoy better sleep. A number of companies manufacture smart lights. Read the details before starting specification comparison. Comparing prices is equally important to make sure that something is worth the price tag.