Yoga mat

Rs.285 to 799

Yoga Mat Prices in India from Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytmmall

Health is wealth and we all know it. An effective way to keep ourselves healthy is to do yoga regularly. Yoga not only keeps us physically fit but also contributes to our mental wellbeing. To perform yoga, you need to be properly dressed. Another important consideration is the use of a perfect yoga mat. It supports your body postures and makes you feel comfortable. Check out multiple Yoga Mat Prices in India from Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytmmall etc. online stores.

A yoga mat reduces your chance of falling on a slippery surface and suffering injuries. In other words, it is the essential barrier between you and the floor. Whenever buying a yoga mat, you must do price and specification comparison for a smart purchase.

Options for Yoga Mat

Yoga mat is not of one type. In fact, it comes in a wider variety of colours, sizes, designs, prints and materials. Yoga mats are usually rectangular. Available in both soft and bright colours, they are meant to meet varying tastes of the yoga trainers and practitioners. These days, you can even buy yoga mats having delicate designs on the upper surface.

Yoga mats made of synthetic materials are quite popular these days. However, if you are on lookout for an eco-friendly alternative to artificial yoga mats, consider cotton or bamboo varieties. You can also opt for an organic hemp. Prices vary according to the designs and material used in making of the mat. Careful consideration of both features and prices is important to grab the right pick.

Important Considerations

While buying a yoga mat, you need to consider several factors. Safety is most important. If the yoga mat is not safe, you have a higher chance of slipping on the surface. Cut down or reduce the risk of injuries by opting for a safe yoga mat.

Comfort and durability are other two significant factors to keep in mind. If you don’t feel comfortable while practicing yoga, you cannot get full benefits from the asanas. The artificial yoga mats are chemically processed. If possible, you should avoid the artificial variety in favour of an environment-friendly option.

Shop Online for Yoga Mats

A good yoga mat will help in improving your coordination and balance, thereby offering you a better stability. The standard size of a yoga mat is 24”x68”. However, if needed, you may go for a custom-made option. Choose the colour of the mat in sync with the colour of the wall in the room where you will be performing asanas. Buy a mat only after precise price comparison.