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In the Box
In the Box Manin Unit and warranty card  BRAND BOX WITH PRODUCT 
Brand Luminous  V-Guard 
Model Number Eco Watt +1050 Square wave  JAADOO 1050VA 
Battery Included No  No 
Back Up Time 8 hrs  8 hrs 
Load Options 3 CFL, 3 Tube light , 3 Ceiling Fan, 1 Television  750 WATT 
Type Square Wave Inverter  Square Wave Inverter 
Solar Power Compatible No  No 
Model Name ECO WATT+ 1050 Square wave  JAADOO 1050VA 
Material Matel  Mattel and Plastic 
Technology Used microprocessor and FSW transformer  DSC based pulse width modulation technology 
Mode Type Automatic  Automatic 
Fixture Type table top  table top 
Switch Type Push  Push baton 
Output Features
Efficiency 95% %  95% % 
Output Voltage 220-250  220-250 
Output Frequency 50Hz -/+2  50Hz 
Overload Yes Yes
Overload Rating 115% 
Output Power 750 W 
Change Over Time 10 ms  15 ms 
Change Over Voltage 220 
Input Features
Input Voltage 110-220  110 
Input Frequency 50Hz -/+2  50Hz 
Low Cut Input Voltage 9  110 
Low Cut Recovery Input Voltage 10.5  120 
High Cut Input Voltage 300 
High Cut Recovery Input Voltage 220 
Other Input Features Battery is not include this product 
Width 28 cm  30 cm 
Height 10 cm  10 cm 
Depth 30 cm  28 cm 
Weight 7 kg  8 kg 
Warranty Summary 24 Months  24 Months Onsite manufacture warranty 
Covered in Warranty 24 Months  ANY TECHNICAL FAULT 
Not Covered in Warranty Any Damaged  ANY PHYSICALLY DAMAGED 
Battery Features
Battery Type Any  Any Type battery 12 Volt 
Number of Batteries 1  1 (12Volt) 
Replacement Battery No 
Battery Boost Voltage 12  12 
Battery Voltage 12  12 
Battery Capacity 100-220  80 to 200 AH 
Replacement Battery Type Any  Any Brand Type battery 12 Volt 
Compatible Battery Types Any  Any type 12 Volt 
Compatible Battery Make Any  Any Brand 
Recharge Time 5  8 
Battery Charging Current 15 
Other Battery Features Battery is not Include 
Convenience Features
Display Type Led  Digital 
Emergency Power Off Yes
Display Indicator Functions Yes Digital 
Audible Indicator Functions Yes
Protection Against Over Load ,short circuit Ext. 
Cooling System Yes
Additional Features
Corrosion Resistant No 

Luminous Eco Watt Plus 1050 Inverter VS V-Guard Jaadoo 1050VA Inverter Comparison

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