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Flipkart Rs. 289 Rs. 589 NA




Model Number Newselfihh-5  Foldable Super Mini Wired Selfie Stick with 3.5mm Jack 
Sales Package 1 Selfie Stick  1 
Designed For Mobile Phones  Mobile Phones 
Load Capacity 500 g  500 g 
Remote Included No  Yes
Supported Interface Cable  Cable 
Extended Length 798 mm  535 mm 
Folded Length 186 mm  135 mm 
Weight 250 g  100 g 
Domestic Warranty 1 

Desirtech Cable Selfie Stick VS Rhobos Cable Selfie Stick Comparison

Before you buy Desirtech Cable Selfie Stick or Rhobos Cable Selfie Stick, it is always smart to look at the main differences between these two.

Therefore, we are presenting complete specs' comparison of Desirtech Cable Selfie Stick VS Rhobos Cable Selfie Stick, so you can grab the better one for you.

We have compared several mobile accessories but Rhobos Cable Selfie Stick VS Desirtech Cable Selfie Stick comparison stands apart in this category.

How to Choose Best Value for Money Between Desirtech Cable Selfie Stick and Rhobos Cable Selfie Stick?

Look at the price difference of Desirtech Cable Selfie Stick VS Rhobos Cable Selfie Stick.

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