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Brand V-Guard  Carrier 
Type For 1.5 Ton Inverter A.C (160V To 280V) Voltage StabilizeView More... Voltage Stabilizer 
Used For Inverter Air Conditioner  Air Conditioner 
Color Grey  White 
Model ID i4 Dura 2040  Camipro (A Division of Carrier) 1.5 Ton AC Double BoosterView More...
Generator Compatibility Yes
Cooling Air 
Phase 1 
Mount Type Wall, Floor 
Other Body Features ABS Cabinet Material, IC Controlled  Elegant Aesthetics 
Material ABS Cabinet Material  Metal 
Display Type Red Color Display  Digital 
Indicator Type Red Color indicator  Digital 
Performance Features
Output Voltage Correction Yes
Automatic Reset Yes
Safety Features
Under Volt Protection Yes
Over Volt Protection Yes
Overload Protection Yes
Power Features
Minimum Input Power (V) 140 V 
Maximum Input Power (V) 280 V 
Minimum Output Power (V) 200 V 
Maximum Output Power (V) 240 V 
Accuracy (%) 5 % 
Minimum Frequency (Hz) 50 Hz 
Additional Features
Insulation Yes
Warranty Summary 3 year limited Manufacturer Warranty  2 Years Replacement warranty 
Covered in Warranty 3 Year limited Manufacturer Warranty  Stabilizer 
Not Covered in Warranty Physical Warranty  Damage due mishandling (or) physical damage. The warrantyView More...
Warranty Service Type 3 year Limited Manufacturer Warranty  During warranty period customer has to send back the stabView More...
W x H x D 33.4 x 20.19 x 13 mm 
Weight 3.67 kg  7 kg 
Operational Conditions
Minimum Operating Temperature (° C) + Maximum Operating Temperature (° C) 10 - 50 degree C 

V-Guard i4 Dura 2040 Voltage Stabilizer VS Carrier Camipro Voltage Stabilizer Comparison

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