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More about LensKart

This is a unique company with its three exceptional people on Earth having an idea to change the vision of India! An ex-Microsoft techie dreamt about wowing the almost blind people of India with an innovative idea. He with his two co-workers formulated an idea to offer glasses directly from the manufacturer. India is having a ratio of 75% people being blind in this country, which is constituting almost 50% of the world’s blind population. This person incorporated 'VALYOO technologies' in his company to offer lens made up with robotic technology. This is bringing perfection in each lens and quality.

Great Profit with Lenskart Discount Coupons and Deals

Lenskart Discount Coupons and deals are allowing each one of the customer to avail the fantastic designs within a very low range. Lenskart is even giving promo codes to discover new ventures of this company.

Lenskart is offering some unique designs with quality and precision. It is having the prime robotic technology in its company, which is actually preparing some extraordinary glasses to quench the thirst of millions of customers who believed in them. This company of 2010 started its journey with 30 customers a day, now it is having 10k customers. Its loyal customers are all looking for an easy selecting option through online venture. This company offers Discount Coupons and Deals almost every day for each of their registered or new customers.

Easy Selection with Lenskart

Lenskart is offering an easy way to select each of the specs as per your face and looks. Thus, there are millions of satisfied customers to deal with some of the loveliest specs for each one of you. The shape, design, power and other specifications are coming with required amount of perfect choices.

Quality Assurance

Each of the quality assurance is given after it is checked and re-checked by their technological team, so that there is no human errors are being committed. It is checked till three decimals so that you get a perfect lens for your priceless eyes. This company takes fullest responsibility of its errors and mistakes committed as it is working over a major sense organ of human body.

Easy Return Policy

You have a 14 days replacement policy with no questions asked by any customer. You can select and re-buy your preferred specs.


lensKart is offering a one year warranty on each product as it know the quality of its specs and lens.