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More about Travel Khana

In case you are traveling to any location, it has been years that you often wonder and get worried about what food to carry or order. India being a large country, train journeys usually seem to be long and food while traveling on trains is obviously a concern for most. This problem has now been taken good care of by Travel Khana. This simple yet very effective app has completely changed the way we order food while traveling on trains. The most exciting news that now you could avail Travel Khana Discount Coupons: Get Deals, Offers and also get  Promo Codes that would make the food you ordered really something to look forward to.

Lucrative Offers of Travel Guru Discount Coupons and Deals

Travel Khana is a mobile app which is to be downloaded from Google Play Store or even from iOS or the APP store. Thereafter, r during the first step you need to select the train by which you would be traveling. In the Second Step you need to order food from the numerous options which are there. In the third step you would receive the food which you have ordered fresh at your seat.

It is seen that every year as many as 6 billion in India by trains. Unfortunately the food which is served at the trains or is available at most of the railway stations not something which you would be too excited about. In order to solve this critical problem this is a serious concern for most railways travelers that this revolutionary food-ordering app was developed.

How Does Travel Khana App Works?

This revolutionary app tracks the trains in real time across India and at the same time ensures that you order food and it is delivered at your time in quick time. It completes the entire circle right from the ordering of the food at the train to the delivery along with customer feedback and reconciliation. The popularity of this very unique Food Ordering platform is growing rapidly and right now covers over 80 cities across our country and is rapidly expanding across the entire Indian Railways network. At present they deliver food in over 250 stations and as many as 4000 + trains. So next time you are traveling by train make sure you avail the alluring offers of Travel Khana and make the most of Travel Khana Dicount coupons and Promo Codes.