Air Cooler

Rs.2200 to 15200

Top 10 Best Selling Air Coolers in India 2019 - Price and Buyer's Guide

In India, you are going to face severe, intolerable summer days of the current year. In order to cope up with such weather adversities and stay cheerful during warmer days, you can avail the best cooling solution via efficient air cooler. Check out the top 10 best selling air coolers in India 2019 along with latest price and a buyer's guide.

The economical price and eco-friendly nature of this cooling device have made it highly acclaimed and the number one solution for all categorized Indian households.    

Importance of an Air Cooler

An air cooler is perfect for all sorts of rooms or confined areas wherever you feel miserable without much air circulation. Ceiling or table top fans may not sufficient to keep a space cool, whereas air cooler will be a suitable option in this regard.

Moreover, air coolers are truly affordable as compared to air conditioners, so every household can opt for this specific cooling mechanism without any second thought. 

Buyer’s Guide for Best Air Coolers

Capacity of Water Tank: Through an evaporative cooling process, air cooler actually converts water into water vapor and this vapor blown by a fan lowers the temperature of the air.

Therefore air coolers contain a water tank, the capacity of which is the most important factor to consider while buying the right air cooler for you. Opt for larger water tank as it helps the air cooler run for longer time.

Airflow/CFM: an air cooler should fit the actual size of your room. CFM (cubic feet per minute), the measurement of airflow of this cooling device, indicates the exact amount of air circulated into the room every minute as well. You should choose the ideal size of an air cooler based on the calculation of CFM needed for your room.

Power Consumption: Air coolers are highly energy-efficient as well as environment friendly as they consume less electricity ranging between 120 watts & 180 watts.

As a result, an air cooler is extremely compatible to an inverter. You need to know the exact power consumed by a specific air cooler, to make sure that it can run on your home inverter too.

Speed Control Knob: Most of the high end air coolers have a speed control button to allow the user to alter the speed of its fan. Make sure that you chosen air cooler packs this knob and it is highly functional & accurate.

Water Level Indicator: Verify that the specific air cooler you are likely to purchase comes with an efficient water level indicator. This feature shows you the exact level up to which the water tank is filled. It is another key specification to consider before buying.    

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