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Top 10 Best Selling Treadmills in India 2019 - Price and Buyer's Guide

Whether it is for the home or for commercial use like at the gyms and so on, treadmills are a great investment. Check out Top 10 Best Selling Treadmills in India 2019 along with buying guide and latest price.

Though it is true that buying a Treadmill even if it is for your home ensures your fitness, yet buying the right one makes great sense. This is particularly keeping in view that treadmills mean a big investment.

Importance of Treadmills

It‘s often seen that most fitness professionals recommend treadmills more than any other piece of fitness equipment. Not only are they are functional, but at the same time, they are easy to use.

When used correctly, provide an ideal way to burn calories, manage weight and strengthen, and enhance your cardiovascular system.

So in case you are embarking on buying one fitness equipment treadmills can serve multiple fitness needs. Yet buying them is no easy job. Here is what you need to consider:

Buyer’s Guide for Best Treadmills

Budget: The treadmill is by no means a cheap piece of equipment. This involves a heavy investment. Thus Budget is, of course, one very important criterion. Yet while buying them it is best that you stretch a bit to consider the ones with the best features. So do thorough research on the cost of the equipment so that you get the best return on your investment.

Treadmill Horsepower: The horsepower which is delivered by the Treadmill is indeed an important criterion which you need to consider while buying one. If you plan to run on the treadmill on a regular basis, it is best that you choose the one with the ones with a higher horsepower of 2.5 to 3.0 CHP.

Belt Size: You should look for Treadmills which have belts which are at least 48 inches long and at least 18 inches wide. On the other hand, if you are around 6 feet tall or more then need belts which are at least 52-inch belts for walking and 54-inch belts for running.

Speed: If you plan to run on the treadmill, look for ones which have a speed of 10 mph or ones which are higher.

Stability: When buying treadmills or other exercising equipment they must be the ones which are very stable so that you do not fall off the machine. Thus the frame of the machine must be fairly stable.

Control Panel: This must the one which is within reach and also user-friendly.

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