Car Stereo

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Top 10 Best Selling Car Stereo in India 2019 - Price and Buyer's Guide

As an owner of four wheeler automobiles, you have to buy a wide range of car accessories among which car stereo is the one to keep your mind cheerful during a long trip. Check out Top 10 Best Selling Car Stereo in India 2019 along with a buyer's guide and latest price.

Choosing the best & fully-featured car stereo is not as easy as ABC. You should keep an eye at some vital considerable points. 

Importance of Car Stereo

When you get stuck in busy traffic, listening to your favourite audio playback can be the ideal way to keep you relaxed and cheery at times. Sometimes long boring drives can be enjoyed a lot only by music played by a car stereo system.  

Buyer’s Guide for Best Car Stereo

DIN Size: DIN size is the size of slot or opening where the car stereo gets inserted into the car’s dashboard. This is a very important feature to take into account before choosing the right stereo for your car.

DIN measurement is the global standard for determining the size of car stereo. Based on height difference, there are dual DIN types – Single DIN units being 2 inches in height and Double DIN units being 4 inches in height, while both being 7" wide.

Supported Audio & Video Formats: When it comes to selecting the right car stereo, it may revolve around a number of audio/video formats related to car media players including standard AM/FM tuner, DVD player, USB input, satellite radio and more others.

You will have to opt for the player which supports a specific format you generally listen to. Some of the common audio formats played by car stereo include WAV, MP3 & AAC while common video formats are MP4, FLV & MPEG.

USB Ports: USB ports help allow you to connect to a variety of peripherals like smartphones, tabs or portable MP3/MP4 players as well as charge them anytime while playing audio media files. Checking the number of ports is another crucial thing to consider for buying an ideal car stereo which will entertain you during the driving hours.

Output Power: You should not forget about considering output power while buying a specific car stereo. High-end car stereo systems have immense power to help the speakers reach higher level of volumes without any noticeable distortion.

Steering Wheel Controls: Usually several double DIN car stereos come equipped with steering wheel control features. This high end feature enables the driver to directly control voice calls and audio files right from steering wheel. You can also upgrade the capability of your existing car stereo using these controls.

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