Water Purifiers

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Top 10 Best Selling Water Purifiers in India 2019 - Price and Buyer's Guide

Water-contaminated diseases are very common throughout the world. These often turn out to be fatal for the children and old persons. These diseases are life-threatening for even the young people if not diagnosed and treated earlier. Check out top 10 best selling water purifiers in India 2019 along with buyer's guide and latest price.

A healthy and time-saving way to distil impurities of water is to use water purifier. Water purifier is usually used to get pure drinking water by filtering out the impurities. With a good water purifier at home, you will have a peace of mind that the members in your family are drinking nothing but pure water.

Importance of Water Purifier

Importance of a water purifier is best realized if one is aware of the reality. Almost every day, we get to hear about people suffering or dying from water pollution.

The best way to prevent it is if we drink clean and pure water. How is that possible? There are several ways to ensure that drinking water is clean, pure and safe for your health. However, water purifier is the most cost-excellent and effective purchase for this purpose.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Water Purifiers

Water Source: Irrespective of the source of water, make it a point to consider the Total Dissolved Salts or TDS present in water. This criterion has greater influence on the type of filter you should choose. TDS is expressed in PPM.The commonest elements include calcium, sodium, nitrates, phosphates, iron, chlorine and potassium.

Types: Different types of water purifiers are available in the market. Each of these has a different set of pros and cons. Therefore, you should need to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each type to make the right choice. The most common types of water purifiers are Non-Electrical with Storage, Non-Electrical without Storage, Electrical with Storage and Electrical without Storage.

Storage Capacity: If you are living at a place that experiences frequent unreliable water supply or power cuts, you should buy a purifier having a storage tank. This will ensure pure, safe and drinkable water without electricity if water is stored in the tank. For a larger family, a water purifier having a storage tank is the best purchase for continuous water supply.

Installation Feasibility: Most UV and RO-based water purifiers are significantly bulky and heavy. Before any purchase, you should know about its proper dimensions and make a plan to get it mounted on the wall in the kitchen. Make sure that your kitchen space has enough water supply at decent pressure, especially after it is mounted high on the wall.

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