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For a majority of individual consumption of water has become a habit that does not require much thought or concern; however water is vital for our wellbeing hence one must be mindful of the amount and quality of water being consumed. In this day and age technology offers various options in every aspect pertaining to improving the quality of life. The same goes for water purifiers and one can use a large electronic variant or a smaller and yet equally efficient water purifier. One must employ both variants to ensure drinking pure water at all times. Check out multiple Water Purifier Prices in India from Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. online stores.

Things You Need to Know About Drinking Water Quality

At home or places that are outfitted with a water purifier one need not worry too much about the quality of this life-giving fluid, however at venues that do not feature these purifiers bringing along a  water purifier is definitely the smartest choice to ensure great health.  

Amount of Water Intake

Water contributes to over 50% of the total body weight of an individual and without it one will not be able to maintain normal body temperature, lubricate joints, sweat, expel toxins through urination and have bowel movements. Reduced water consumption results in dehydration, which causes muscle weakness, cramping and lack of coordination along with an increased risk of suffering from heat stroke and heat exhaustion.  

Individuals are required to replace the amount of water they lose each day by sweating, exhaling and urinating. An individual’s need for increased water consumption increases:

  • When the weather is warmer
  • When physical activity increases
  • When one is suffering from an illness, especially when having diarrhea or a fever

For healthy individuals the recommended amount of water intake is of 8-10 eight ounce glasses each day. However, those who engage in extreme physical activities require more water and other fluids.   

Can Tap Water be Consumed?  

Since a reliable public water system is the source of tap water it is often considered fit for consumption. These water systems are monitored under stringent health standards, which is why it is assumed that there is no risk of contaminants. However, even water that is treated may contain contaminants in levels that may at times pose detrimental health risks. Also, while water is being supplied it may become contaminated and may cause illnesses almost immediately.   

Always Employ a Water Purifier    

So while drinking tap water may not seem dangerous, it is certainly not as safe as a majority of individuals perceive it to be. This is precisely why regular use of a reliable water purifier is a must. Water purifiers remove a wide variety of bacteria and viruses from water and also enhance its natural taste. Daily consumption of fresh and pure water improves one’s health dramatically in a short period of time and the benefits of consuming pure and truly safe water last a lifetime.