Landline Phones

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Top 10 Best Selling Landline Phones in India 2019 - Price and Buyer's Guide

Landlines phones are the significant mode of communication in most places, like home, office, academic institutions, hospitals, retail stores and so on. Check out top 10 best selling landline phones in India 2019 along with buyer's guide and price.

Despite the emergence of cellular technology, the popularity of landlines does not tend to wane these days. You must consider some of the important factors before choosing a landline phone suitable for your place.

Importance of Landline Phones

Landline phones have been offering innumerable advantages from the time they were launched in the market. They ensure the best form of security as data is transmitted through a fixed medium.

Several users still find the landline phones more comfortable than smartphones or basic cell phones. They are extremely reliable & helpful during emergency situations when you need to reach urgent news to your family.

Moreover, landlines are well known to provide the right location details of a fixed area, enabling a person immediately visit the place.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Landline Phones

Types of Landlines: corded and cordless landline phones are the two basic categories you can choose from. Corded phones are easy to use, affordable and suitable for basic everyday needs. On the contrary, cordless landlines are versatile and portable. If you are always on the move, you should go for a cordless variant. Apart from that, you will need to choose from analog and digital signal formats as well.

Multiple Handsets: A landline phone with multiple handsets allows you to have a telephonic conversion in different places of your home. Make sure that your desired phone houses a number of telephone jacks to meet such requirement. You can place multiple handsets in the frequently visited spots of your office or home.

Answering Machine: Landline phones come with or without answering machines. A landline with answering machine is essential for those users who often stay outside their home or operate a small business where not a single call should be missed.

Double Phone Lines: The number of phone lines you are seeking for is a factor to take into account while buying a landline. Choose a phone that supports dual phone lines to receive calls from two different numbers. The household that desires one line for personal calls and other separate line for business calls may opt for that specific landline phone.   

Frequency: It is also essential to select a frequency at times of purchasing a landline phone. You can choose a 2.4-gigahertz band if your landline phone is surrounded by few or no wireless gadget at all. If the situation is otherwise, you may opt for the landline which is wireless network friendly.

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