Smart Bands

Rs.399 to 14999

Top 10 Best Selling Smart Bands in India 2019 - Price and Buyer's Guide

Modern technology has provided us with so many things that it is really hard to make a list of top ten. Check out top 10 best selling smart bands in India 2019 along with lates price and a buyer's guide.

Of all the fashion-screaming introductions in the recent times, smart bands deserve a pompous mention. These bands look smart and up the style quotient of whoever wears it.

Apart from style quotient, the smart bands are functional elements as these allow the users to keep a track of their health-related indicators.

Importance of Smart Bands

A wristband is an important accessory for any stylish person. A smart wristband takes the style and glamor to another level. A wristband is going to stay in its place for a long time.

Quality and style are two important factors to consider while buying a wristband. Poor quality of band is likely to cause irritation and itching to your wrist. And if the display does not suit your persona, it will be a disaster for your style.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Smart Bands

Water Resistance: Water resistance is a very important quality of any smart band. With a water-resistant smart band, you have a peace of mind that it will be able to retail its grace and gloss for a long time. These days, nearly all smart brands are resistant to water. However, you need to ensure the degree of resistance.

Quality: Check the quality of smart band. In other words, you need to know about the material that goes into making of the band as well as its quality. As the band will stick to your skin for a long time, quality is an important consideration that must not be overlooked. If you are not comfortable with the type of the band, it will cause you dermatological problems.

Battery Life: A smart band is unlike the traditional wristbands. It is a battery-powered device. Therefore, a longer battery life is a crucial criterion while making a choice. Most bands offer battery life for 20 days or more.  Some models also offer the facility of wireless charging.

Display: A smart band is a multi-purpose device. It displays several features from time to your blood pressure. If the display screen is not good enough, you are unlikely to see the images clearly. Look for OLED display while buying a band.

Style: A smart band always oozes style. It is an elegantly designed functional item that tracks your health conditions and keeps you informed about the same. However, not all designs are for everyone. Choose what complements your style and adds to your personality.

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