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Top 10 Best Selling Epilators in India 2019 - Price and Buyer's Guide

Unless you know the right way to get rid of unwanted hair, hair removal becomes expensive and sometimes quite frustrating as well. Check out top 10 best selling epilators in India 2019 along with a buyer's guide and latest price.

This is when the Epilator becomes quite handy. It is basically an electrical device somewhat resembling a shaver but with a difference. It uses small tweezers which enables it to remove hair from the root.

Importance of an Epilator

Removing unwanted hair is no simple job. Unless it is extracted or removed in the right manner the process might cause skin damage to sensitive areas of the body.

This is why the process of epilation is very useful indeed. The right epilators are one which is capable of removing the tiniest hairs and that too without damaging the skin.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Elipators

Power: While buying any epilator you must note that its power is directly proportional to the number of tweezers present in the device. This implies that the higher the number of tweezers in the device, the larger would be the power requirement and more hairs can be removed in a single pass. So you need to check the same.

Dry or Wet and Dry: While buying Epilator, note that there are the dry ones which are usually more cost effective. On the other hand, the wet and dry model would cost you a little more. These ones can also be used in under shower and you might already be aware that the hot water opens our skin pores thus causes less pain.

Corded or Cordless: The other factor which you have to decide upon while buying epilators is that whether you would go in for the corded ones or whether it would be a cordless one. It would usually depend upon your personal preference. Yet the cordless ones may offer better convenience and comfort.

Inbuilt light: Though it might sound crazy, having an inbuilt light ensures that you can clearly see every hair is removing or not, during the removal process. Thus this may be one factor which needs to be considered as well.

Washable head: Certain epilators have a washable head. This is to make sure that the device  is more hygienic and ensures longer durability as well.

Speed settings: You need to check on the speed settings of the epilator while buying them. Generally, some have a single speed setting. However, the advanced ones may have multiple speed settings too.

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