Personal Laptops

Rs.7990 to 101775

Top 10 Best Selling Personal Laptops in India 2019 - Price and Buyer's Guide

Personal Laptops – the title is self-explanatory. Such laptops are engineered to satisfy your personal needs and expectations. Check out top 10 best selling personal laptops in India 2019 along with latest Price and a buyer's guide.

Depending on the compositions under the lid, these personal laptops meet various needs of the users, which range from daily computing tasks, multimedia works to playing games, watching movies, running demanding apps and many more.

Importance of Personal Laptops

A personal laptop gives you complete freedom to do whatever you like to do. You can do simple computing tasks, watch movies, listen to songs, play games and do multimedia works.

A personal laptop is capable of satisfying your personal as well as professional needs. You can carry it with you in a car or on a flight.

Wherever you go, with a personal laptop in your possession, you can always stay connected to your friends and colleagues as well as indulge yourself in entertainment activities for refreshment.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Personal Laptops

Size & Weight: You can hardly carry a personal laptop with ease if it is oversized or overweight. You should check the dimension as well as weight to figure out if you can comfortably carry the laptop anywhere.

Processor: Whatever your purpose is to use the personal laptop, processor plays the most important role in offering satisfactory performance. Depending on your needs, choose the processor type so that it never lets you down. For simple computing, you don’t need a high-end processor. However, for running demanding apps and games, you should pick up a speedy processor.

Storage: Irrespective of your purpose of buying a personal laptop, consider an ample amount of storage space for storing a larger number of files (text and graphics), movies, apps, games and many more.

Battery: When buying a laptop, make sure that it offers battery power for a long time. Battery life beyond 7 hours is considered fine, especially for those who travel quite often. How long battery life of your personal laptop will last depends a lot on what you will do on the system.

Affordable Price: You can easily find the newbies in the industry and they are offering personal laptops at a more affordable price point. It is up to you to decide which model to purchase and your decision should be based on some important criteria discussed later in this write-up.

Brands: A number of elite brands are in the market and they are bringing a wider range of personal computers to fulfil varying needs of the buyers with different levels of affordability.

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