Basic Mobiles

Rs.549 to 3899

Top 10 Best Selling Basic Mobiles in India 2019 - Price and Buyer's Guide

It is hard to imagine a day without tapping or receiving calls on a handset. It has now become a must-have item for all from every walk of life. Check out top 10 best selling basic mobiles in India 2019 along with latest price and a buyer's guide.

However, if you are the first-time buyer or willing to switch to a new handset, you should know about the crucial parameters to get a good cellphone. Price is a guiding factor but that is not everything as there are other elements to keep in mind while opening your wallet.

Importance of Basic Mobile Phones

A cellphone has now emerged as an integral element of our life. Though invented as an easy-to-go tool to stay connected with your loved ones anytime and anywhere, its use has now expanded to a variety of activities including education, shopping, gaming, listening to songs and watching movies.

With a good mobile in your possession, you are able to do whatever you want to and wherever you go.

Buyer’s Guide to Choose Best Basic Mobiles

Processor: A processor is the heart and soul of any cellphone. The high-end models house a more powerful processor in the box. However, the low-tier mobile phones don’t borrow their power from the speedy processors. The smarter the processor is, the higher will be the price! So, assess your budget before choosing a particular CPU. Make sure that the processor is not an out-dated or soon-to-be-extinct model that you cannot make most of.

Resolution: Resolution is one of the prime considerations. Low resolution will make the images grainy whereas higher resolution for a small device will be a big waste of your money. Compare the screen size and available resolution so that you get to experience complete clarity in pictures.

RAM: Without enough of RAM, any smartphone will produce bumpy performance. 1MB or 2MB is enough for basic cellphone models. Some even offer 16MB or 32MB of RAM to allow you to do your work with good speed.

Storage: You will love using your cellphone for multiple purposes such as messaging, playing games, storing songs and other needs. That will require a good amount of storage space in your mobile phone.

Battery Life: Excellent battery life ensures that your cellphone will continue working for long hours on a single charge. Your requirements of using a mobile are  likely to differ from those of your friends, family members or neighbours but the one thing is sure that every one of you will get to benefit from having one suitable piece of cellphone.

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