Inverter AC

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Top 10 Best Selling Inverter AC in India 2019 - Price and Buyer's Guide

Air conditioner is must have home appliance to dominate in every household, office & institution across the country, especially during summer days. Check out top 10 best selling inverter AC in India 2019 along with buying guide and latest price.

Today Inverter AC makes us feel that the warmer days are no more unendurable; rather we can enjoy the months of the season staying cool and active in mind. You should know the basic things to consider before buying an efficient inverter AC.   

Importance of an Inverter AC

There are a number of noticeable benefits of using an inverter AC over a non-inverter normal AC. The inverter air conditioners work at different speeds as well as consume less electricity than the normal ones.

This type of AC can accurately control the temperature level in any confined area and work silently compared to the regular air conditioners.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Inverter AC

Energy Efficiency: How much energy efficient your chosen inverter AC is should be a crucial point to consider before the ultimate purchase. Inverter air conditioner consumes less power than a non-inverter ac in general.

It is because of the compressor used in the inverter AC unit. The compressor performs continually without getting switched on or off at regular gaps. As a result, it can save power to a great extent.

Speed: One of the basic advantages of choosing inverter AC is that this kind of unit can perform at varying speeds as well as tonnage. These ACs never stick to fixed tonnage levels and speeds while the reverse is seen in case of normal ACs.

Capability: You must take a look at the space of a room or any confined area before choosing an ideal inverter AC for the place. For office cabins, bedrooms and small living areas, 1 Ton AC can be perfect all time. However, you may need to opt for 1.5 ton or 2 ton inverter AC if it is a large conference room or master bedroom or corporate workspace.

Star Rating: The star rating conferred to an inverter AC actually depends upon different aspects like power consumption, functionality, cost, capacities and many others.

The greater the work efficiency of the air conditioner, the higher is the star rating of the same. At the same time, 5-star inverter AC costs more than a 3-star unit of similar type.

Auto Adjustment: On the basis of actual room temperature, the inverter AC can maintain & adjust its setting and cooling power without any help of users. Normal ACs don’t have this auto adjustment feature at all. Check all these specs of an inverter AC to make it a best buy.  

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