Window AC

Rs.20999 to 33999

Top 10 Best Selling Window AC in India 2019 - Price and Buyer's Guide

The most effective solution to get relief from heat and humidity during the summer season is to install an air conditioner. Check out top 10 best selling window AC in India 2019.

An air con not only keeps you super cool during sweltering heat but also absorbs the dust from your room.

It is best to go for AC specially if you are in a hot and humid place rather than wasting money in getting a cooler. Take a look at window AC price list in India and buyer's guide.

Importance of Window AC

Window air conditioners look classy and produce an effective cooling action. The popular online stores bring the shoppers an excellent variety of window air conditioners from the most reputed brands.

Go ahead and treat yourself to the available options for the best pick to stay cool and calm when the mercury is rising. Window air cons are fine for both homes and offices. In fact it is rather a necessary now. Know more about benefits of using window AC.

Buyer Guide for Best Window AC

Design: Available in different designs and brands, window air conditioners usually come in classic white colours It is fairly easy to install a window air conditioner. It comprises of single units. You have to fix it up in window sills. Routine cleaning and servicing are important to keep it in mint condition.  You must check out various models of different brands though you may not get much more options still.

Capacity:. You can choose from 3-star and 5-star models. The 5-star models are expensive but consume less electricity. You should choose the capacity of an AC in keeping with the size of your room. A 1 Ton or 0.75 Ton window AC is ideal for a small room. For the larger rooms, shift your focus to 1.5 Ton or 2 Ton air conditioners.

Features: Remote controls are provided along with the window ACs to allow the users to regulate the temperature with convenient ease. Though split air cons are becoming more popular, window ACs are best if you have a small budget. You must check out the enery start seal and Enery efficiency ration. Window Ac does not come with many features as such.

Price: Go with a model that works best for your purpose and fits your wallet. If compared to split ACs, window air conditioners are a cost-excellent choice. The window air cons are also easy to maintain. If you buy a branded model of window AC, it will cater to your needs for years.