Water Geysers

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Top 10 Best Selling Water Geysers in India 2019 - Price and Buyer's Guide

A geyser as you would already know happens to be a very common electrical appliance found in homes. Check out Top 10 Best Selling Water Geysers in India 2019 along with a buying guide and latest price

It is used to heat water for bathing or washing food. Usually, geysers are very durable appliances which last many years and are generally found in bathrooms or kitchens.

Importance of Water Geyser

There is no doubt that the geyser is an essential home appliance for every household. During winters you would obviously take a bath or wash in warm water.

Besides they also come in handy when there is ready hot water available. So it is important that while buying the geyser for your home you make the right choice, especially considering so many brands and models are now available.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Water Geysers

Geyser Type: The first thing to consider while buying geysers is determining what type would suit your need. There are various types of Geysers like the Storage Geysers, which are fairly large to store large quantities of water. Then you have the Instant geysers. These are usually ideal for kitchens and small bathrooms.

Capacity: Once you have decided on the type of geyser the next thing determine is the geyser capacity which would suit your specific need. You would need a geyser with a capacity of about 6 to 9 liters for a family of 1 to 2 members.

On the other hand, if the family size is more than 5 members as in the case of joint families then you might be requiring geysers which have a capacity of more than 25 Litres.

Tank Material: This is a fairly important criterion for your buying decision. The reason is that to a large extent this determines the durability and the price of the geyser which you propose to buy.

It may be made from copper which makes it very durable on the other hand there are some made from stainless steel and also those made from thermoplastic materials as well. The material determines the insulation, and corrosion of the geyser.

Mount: One important factor which also needs to be decided upon while installation of the geyser is how it is to be mounted. Some have to be mounted vertically, whereas some have to be mounted horizontally as well. Bajaj Electricals, AO Smith, Candes, Hindware, V Guard are some of the popular brands in this category.

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