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Top 10 Best Selling Home Theaters in India 2019 - Price and Buyer's Guide

A home cinema, commonly referred to as a home theatre, is a complete entertainment system for those who can afford it. Expensive it is but good news is these systems are now available at prices that are within the reach of the middle class people. Check out top 10 best selling home theaters in India 2019 along with buyer's guide and latest price.

A home cinema comprises several systems to offer an enriching and comprehensive entertainment experience just like what you get to feel in a movie theatre.A home cinema is anything but a cheap system, so you should consider several points before making a buy.

Importance of a Home Theatre

Recreation is important in everyone’s life as it fills us with a sense of joy, happiness and refreshment. Just imagine a life without a refreshing feel – it’s too boring to live happily.

Entertainment is kind of refreshment that reenergize us and makes us happy after a long day of mundane and hard work. If it comes to entertainment, almost all of us are aware of two important aspects – audio and visual.

What if two are available in a single system? Well, we are not talking about TV but a home theatre system that gives you the same feel of watching movies in a cinema hall.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Home Theater

Space & Budget: The space and budget that you have are the primary guides for your making a purchase of a home theatre system. The size of you room, free space as well as the site of installation are important points worth your review. For a small room, pick up a home movie package having speakers of bookshelf size. If your room has a good amount of space, think about buying a package that comes with floor-standing speakers.

Speakers: Usually, home movie systems come bundled with either 7.1 channel or 5.1 channel speakers. You will find subwoofers that reproduce low frequencies. Other types of speakers are known as satellite speakers for the rear, front or centre channel speakers. You can even mount each of four satellite speakers at each corner of the room.

Power: The total power output of any amplifier is expressed in watts. You need to ensure that the receiver is powerful so that it can supply enough power to the attached speakers. An A/V receiver produces optimum performance. Such a receiver supplies 100 watts of power (minimum) to each channel.

Impedance: Impedance is another term used to denote the performance of any speaker. In any good home theatre system, the speakers and amplifiers feature a perfect pairing to generate excellent performance.

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