Point and Shoot Camera

Rs.4999 to 53570

Top 10 Best Selling Point and Shoot Cameras in India 2019 - Price and Buyer's Guide

DSLR cameras are becoming increasingly affordable with every passing day. Still, many professional shutterbugs are switching to other varieties including point-and-shoot options due to some obvious reasons. Check out top 10 best selling point and shoot cameras in India 2019 along with latest price and a buyer's guide.

Now, it is the age of ultraslims and ultraportables and this is where the point-and-shoot cameras perfectly fit. And these types are perfectly fine for those with a low budget as point-and-shoot cameras are much cheaper than their DSLR counterparts.

Importance of Point and Shoot Camera

Most people are now switching to slim and lightweight cameras as these are easy to carry in pocket. You don’t need an extra bag to carry the camera as a point-and-shoot model can slip into your suitcase along with your clothing and accessories.

However, the point-and-shoot cameras of advanced SLR type are bigger and bulkier owing to their upper zoom capabilities.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Point and Shoot Cameras

MegaPixel Count:A popular notion (and yes, it’s a misconception) is more megapixels ensure better images but that’s not the case. Sensor size makes a heavy impact on the clarity and quality of your images, particularly in the low-light situations. If you want to shoot photos in a low-light condition, consider a point-and-shoot camera having a larger image sensor.

Viewfinders: Most point-and-shoot cameras accommodate an LCD screen instead of a viewfinder to allow you to line up a shot. Larger LCD screens offer an improved view of the focussed object but you have to spend more for the feature.

Zoom: With a digital zoom, you will get longer zoom image but quality of images will be heavily compromised. Some cameras come with both optical zoom and extended digital zoom. If your prioritize zoom lenses, go with the optical even though it may add little weight to your camera.

LCD Screen:Always look for an LCD screen of premium quality while buying a point-and-shoot camera. It is better for you to choose a 3-inch LCD screen as that will ensure more accuracy for your shots. The point-and-shoot cameras with higher quality LCDs provide better picture clarity, visibility and colours in bright lights.

Wireless Connectivity: Many new-age point-and-shoot cameras now feature Wi-Fi connectivity. It is a good feature that allows you to share your photos via social media websites.

Portable: All point-and-shoot varieties feature fixed lenses, thereby relieving you from having to change lenses as per the varying requirements. Another good point of shooting with a point-and-shoot camera is images look brighter and sharper as these cameras bring everything in focus. However, this feature has some disadvantages too.

Price: Being affordable, the point-and-shoot cameras come within the budget of all shutterbugs.

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