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Top 10 Best Selling Kitchen Chimney in India 2019 - Price and Buyer's Guide

Kitchen chimney is a modern-day appliance. It keeps your kitchen neat and clean by absorbing fumes and smoke. Check out top 10 best selling kitchen chimney in India 2019 along with latest price and a buyer's guide.

A chimney is both a functional and stylish appliance that helps you retain the oil-free look of your kitchen and adds a dash of style to the same. Truly speaking, kitchen chimney is now a part of the modular kitchen.

If you search for the kitchen chimneys, there is a galore of options to choose from. You will find many elite brands and it leaves you with confusing perplexity as to what to buy. So, what should you consider while making a purchase? You will find an effective buying guide later in this blog.

Importance of Kitchen Chimney

A kitchen is where you prepare food. You should make sure that you are making dishes in a clean kitchen as food prepared in a shabby kitchen is not good for health.

A kitchen is designed to absorb oil, smoke and fumes when you are cooking. A properly functioning chimney is a must-have appliance to ensure a clean and healthy ambience at your kitchen.

With a chimney at your kitchen, it will not take you much of time to clean the room where you love whipping up delicacies for your loved ones.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Kitchen Chimney

Chimney Filter: Depending on the design, material and process of filtering, chimney filters are of three types - Cassette Filter, Carbon Filter and Baffle Filter. Each filter has some pros and cons. Therefore, you need to understand the features and functions of all in order to find the best match for your requirements.

Kitchen Chimney:The kitchen chimney that you will buy should be based on multiple factors including the kitchen structure as well as construction and the site of your cooking platform. Make a choice from Wall Mount, Island Chimney, Corner Chimney and Built-in Chimney. :

Kitchen Chimney Size: The rule of the thumb in this regard is the chimney should be of equal or greater in size than the gas oven. A chimney, which is smaller than the hob or stove in size, will not be able to absorb smoke and oil of your kitchen, thereby failing to keep it fresh and clean.

Auto Clean Chimney: Auto clean chimneys are capable of keeping their body parts clean. An auto clean chimney features an oil collector that can be detached for cleaning. Cleaning the collector once in a month is enough.

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