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Top 10 Best Selling Inverters in India 2019 - Price and Buyer's Guide

The Inverter market in India is growing rapidly. There are reasons for the same as well. Check out top 10 best selling inverters in India 2019 along with a buyer's guide and latest price.

The regular power cuts owing to shortage in metros along with the tier 2 and tier 3 cities have led to many people opting for these power backup machines. 

Importance of an Inverter

You might well be aware of the tremendous discomfort that one goes through when there are long and sudden power cuts during hot summers. A smooth functioning Inverter can bring in great relief in such situations.

Thus in case you and your family have been suffering from long power cuts you might be seriously considering buying then right inverter for your home.

However, before investing in an inverter, it is important that you are aware of some basic concepts which are critical for buying the right inverter that would meet your needs.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Inverters

The Calculation of Power Requirement: The first thing which needs to be done is the calculation of the total power backup which is necessary during a power cut. Each electric appliance would have its own power requirement. So you need to find out how much would be the total electrical load which needs to be backed up.

Inverter Capacity : The next crucial factor which needs to be considered while buying inverters is the inverter capacity. This must be proportional to the load which is to be supported. It is measured in Volt Ampere and quite often abbreviated as VA. In all the product descriptions of inverters, the VA rating is mentioned.

When it comes to inverters some reputed brands in India include Microtek, V-Guards, Exide, Luminous and many more. For each of the inverters, you need to be aware of what is the VA which is being provided by each model and then decide.

Sine Wave versus the Square Wave Inverters: Another factor which is to be considered is the type of inverters. There are generally two types the Square Wave Inverters and the Sine Wave inverters. Each has its own benefits and disadvantages.

Important Considerations for buying Inverters: It is important to know what type of appliances the inverter would support. Apart from this the Noise level, the safety of using the appliances, the price and durability are some of the key factors which you need to consider while buying inverters.

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