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Content Writing As A Career

If you are embarking on a career in content writing you need to realize that it offers plenty of opportunities but there are many challenges as well.

In the age of the internet, the demand for good content writers has increased manifold.

It is true that a content writing career is very competitive but at the same time, it is seen that the new writers can easily make about Rs 1 to Rs 3 lakhs per year. However sky the limit for good writers.

There are also many instances where the skilled content writers have made a fortune by writing.

So in case if this sounds interesting to you and you too are looking to explore your career options in the field.

Let us try and understand this profession in further details.

What is Content Writing?

As is evident from the name, content writing basically involves writing for almost anything.

There could be various types of contents which you might write.

These could be contents for websites, marketing collaterals like brochures, advertisements, blogs, newsletters, emails, pamphlets, brochures, leaflets and lots more.

Apart from this there is also copy writing which is mainly aimed at influencing behaviors of readers and convince them to act in a particular way.

Who Could Become Content Writers?

Almost anyone could build a sound career in content writing. It is not necessary for you to have a college degree or educational qualifications to become a content writer.

But in case you plan to be a Full-time content writer then one needs at least to be a graduate or preferably postgraduates. This is what can add credibility to your career.

In fact, having a Degree in English if you want to write in English is an advantage which some employers may insist if they are recruiting Full- Time content writers.

Besides you also need to note that when it comes to content writing you could do it in any language including Hindi or even in your local language.

In fact, if you are strong in both the languages being a translator is another excellent career option you have.

Content Writing Scope

With the internet booming and the need for relevant content everywhere, the scope of content writing has grown enormously.

In fact, there are various categories of content writing which are there now. So you need to find out which category you would best fit into.

Let us see some major ones:

1. SEO Writing

The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It is a term which you might often come across.

So SEO Writing mainly focuses on writing Website Content and anything which helps to improve on the Search Engine Rankings.

So it involves writing for landing Page Contents, Blogs, etc.

While writing the Contents one has to be careful that they are unique and plagiarism free.

On average payments in this category could be about 20 P to 30 P per word.

2. Social Media Content Writing

With the popularity of social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and so on they have also become an excellent marketing tool as well.

Thus business now often invests a lot in promoting communications made through them.

Content, of course, plays a key role in such promotions. Thus businesses often hire Social Media Writers who can deliver high-quality Social Media contents and make them catchy and attractive.

3. Blog Writing

It is to be noted that as many as 2 Million Blog Posts are written every day. This rate is also expected to grow exponentially in the future.

The demand for such blog posts is higher than the number of writers available in the market.

Thus this is a golden period for pursuing web content writing as a career.

As a blog writer, you could earn good amount, based on your experience and creativity.

4. Copy Writing

This is a form of Persuasive writing which is mainly used to convince the users or readers to act by means of a click on a link, subscribe or purchase.

However, the scope of Copywriting is mainly limited to Tag lines.

5. Business Content Writing

These types of contents generally are related to business communication. These could be Case Studies, training modules, etc.

6. Academic Writing

Academic Writing is content which mainly pertains to Academics which could include student assignments as so on.

Here you need to get familiar with the different writing styles like Harvard, APA, IEEE and so on.

7. Editing

Once you have gathered enough experience and become an expert in the field of content writing and have excellent command over the language you could consider the job of an editor.

Here some basic knowledge of the industry is required.

Freelance Content Vs Full-Time Content Writing

As a content writer, you could work either on a full-time basis with a certain company or you could opt even to work as a Freelance Content writer for various clients.

Each has its own set of benefits and disadvantages. Let us see some major ones in either case

Advantages of a Freelance Content Writer

  1. Complete independence and great flexibility
  2. You could decide on the nature of projects you want to write for
  3. You can be free from the work pressure on a regular basis
  4. Option to do something else with this


  1. No guarantee in regard to the inflow of work
  2. At times you may feel stressed due to the heavy workload at times
  3. You may not get the opportunity to work on challenging projects and may have to settle for inferior work

Advantages for Full-Timers

  1. Security of work and Salary at all times
  2. You have fixed working hours
  3. Better opportunity to learn new things from colleagues


  1. Only Fixed Income
  2. Fixed working Hours-there is no flexibility


There is no doubt that Content Writing has immense potential in the current scenario. This is the one career which requires creativity.

However, some career aspirants take it lightly and never realize the full potential.

There is plenty of scope here and with the right career training and the right career progression you can make it big and make plenty of money in this career.

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