Selfie sticks

Rs.185 to 799

Best Selling Selfie Sticks in India 2019 - Price and Buyer's Guide

Selfie stick is one of the hottest sensations, leading the online world. Today, you can observe all social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram pervaded by selfies and selfies.

It can be quite problematic to hold your large handset in correct position while taking front picture of you and your friends. The invention of selfie stick has reduced the worry of clicking selfie images to a great extent. 

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Selfie Stick: What Exactly It Is

Still not familiar with a selfie stick? Well, here is a short description of this crazy tool for your knowledge. Selfie stick is basically a monopod.

It is used to uplift and then place the smartphone into its enclosure to take high or low-angled photos of yourself or a group of many individuals.

Most of the sticks contain a button in to their handle to operate the camera, for ensuring easy and convenient snapshots accurate as well.

Selfie Sticks Brands

Some of the popular selfie stick brands are iVoltaa, Mi, Raptas etc