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Flipkart Rs. 249 Rs. 240 NA




Product Details
Model ID Tds-3 Water Purity Tester  TG100 
Model Name Pocket Digital Handheld For RO Filter Purifier Water QualView More... Fever Alarm 
Color Ivory  White 
Sales Package 1 x Tds Meter  1 Digital Thermomeater 
Warranty No Warranty  2 Year Mfg Warranty 

BalRama Tds 3 Tester Thermometer VS Rossmax TG100 Fever Alarm Thermometer Comparison

Before you buy BalRama Tds 3 Tester Thermometer or Rossmax TG100 Fever Alarm Thermometer, it is always smart to look at the main differences between these two.

Therefore, we are presenting complete specs' comparison of BalRama Tds 3 Tester Thermometer VS Rossmax TG100 Fever Alarm Thermometer, so you can grab the better thermometer for you.

We have compared several thermometers but Rossmax TG100 Fever Alarm Thermometer VS BalRama Tds 3 Tester Thermometer comparison stands apart in this category.

How to Choose Best Value for Money Between BalRama Tds 3 Tester Thermometer and Rossmax TG100 Fever Alarm Thermometer?

Look at the price difference of BalRama Tds 3 Tester Thermometer VS Rossmax TG100 Fever Alarm Thermometer.

Find out the main spec details difference between Rossmax TG100 Fever Alarm Thermometer and BalRama Tds 3 Tester Thermometer.

Read the real user reviews at merchant site for BalRama Tds 3 Tester Thermometer and Rossmax TG100 Fever Alarm Thermometer.

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